Military Family Building Workshops and Weekend Retreats

Customized Family Workshops

Depression and anxiety in children and adults in the general population exists, but in military families the numbers are higher due to the unique challenges that they face. In the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we saw increasing deployments, physical and mental disabilities, divorce and death, over and above the typical challenges of moves/transitions. These additional challenges cause a significant impact on the mental and physical stability of military families. Everyone in the military has been touched/affected by the military requirements of the past 10+ years. As we see the drawdown of forces, we will continue to see the aftereffects of these wars on our families, troops and support agencies. As a board certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist who is a military spouse and mother of over 14 years, and has experienced multiple transitions and deployments, I bring a unique perspective of compassion and understanding to addressing the challenges we face as military families. The ABC’s of Family Resiliency™ will present an alternative strategy to addressing the issues we face as military families. Moving away from the mainly didactic interventions, this program utilizes a more experiential and interactive program with a personal perspective that will address the unique challenges we military families face, and provide strategies on how to cope with our reality. Furthermore, the workshops and retreats can be tailored to address specific needs of a given military population upon request.