Renew the commitment to your family,

Restore relationships that are fractured or severed and

Revive the love between your spouse and your children

– all at a Family Renewed Weekend Retreat!


More than just a retreat, this weekend “experience” offers opportunities to communicate more effectively and apply practical strategies to conquer everyday challenges many families face.

Family members of all ages, personality types and varied levels of interest (we realize some may be less excited about the weekend than others) will enjoy fun activities in a relaxed setting as well as opportunities for self-reflection and spiritual growth.

Get Confidence In Your Family

While each day is filled with stimulating sessions, there’s plenty of time reserved for family members to apply what they have learned and reconnect with one another.  Most participants leave the weekend experience with an appreciation for having made the weekend investment and an enhanced confidence in their individual and family resiliency.

Family Renewed Weekend Retreats: A Safe Place

 Several families come to the retreats in crisis and having been impacted by serious issues such as substance and alcohol abuse, infidelity, domestic violence, pornography addiction and divorce.  These issues often lead to depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicide and disruptive behaviors in one or more family members.   Family Renewed Weekend Retreats offer a safe place for families to take an effective first step in the healing and restorative process.   

Follow-up services are also offered for an additional fee.

Conflict and Technology – Are They Interfering With Your Family’s Communication?

The current increase in local and global conflict is impacting individuals and families like never before. Depression and anxiety are on the rise in adults and children as greater demands are placed on each family member.

Furthermore, modern technological advances create numerous communication opportunities, but also foster less interpersonal connection with others. These challenges are having a significant effect on the mental and physical stability of families.

The ABCs of Family Resiliency™

Family Renewed Workshops and Weekend Retreats use The ABCs of Family Resiliency to present an alternative strategy to address the issues facing today’s families. Moving away from the mainly didactic interventions, this program promotes a more experiential and interactive method for addressing family challenges. Our high tech, fast-paced society provides innumerable conveniences and even more distractions. The ABCs of Family Resiliency provides strategies to help families flourish despite the daily diversions.


Customized Workshops for YOUR Needs

Family Renewed will tailor each workshop and retreat to address your specific needs. Dr. Porter works with your group to identify the exact topics to cover to help make the most of the retreat experience.


Expertly Facilitated Comprehensive Workshops and Unifying Retreats

Board Certified Psychiatrist, Family Renewed Founder and Lead Presenter, Dr. Dawn M. Porter, has personally navigated a blended family with her military husband and has developed specific programs addressing a myriad of family issues. The half-day or full-day workshops for parents only provide a strong foundation of communication skills necessary for increasing understanding and interaction among family members.

Full-day workshops for the entire family provide intensive instruction through breakout activities offering strategies to help family members conquer daily challenges. Participating families will leave with the necessary tools for enhancing communication, which is fundamental for family stability, and a starting point to begin a new phase in their journey.

Interactive and Effective Exercise for the Whole Family

The weekend retreats for the entire family offer more interactive activities to demonstrate effective ways to communicate and connect with others. Each participant will receive developmentally appropriate program books that include information, strategies and tools to help address the demands unique to each family member. Additionally, homework is assigned to provide opportunities for families to expand communication and utilize strategies learned during the sessions. In addition to accommodating a specific focus or theme, this comprehensive program can offer quarterly updates to help high-risk families reassess their progress and provide specific suggestions to identify additional needs for their recovery.*

*Follow-up services are by request and include additional fees.