Blending challenges each family member in unique ways.

Members of blended families may at times feel a bit scrambled. The integration or blending of several family units produces unique challenges in need of solutions that take each family member into account.

The blended family workshops are designed for families that are setting the groundwork prior to blending as well as addressing issues after the families have been joined. Unique strategies are provided for each phase of the process that encourage and enhance any family taking on this new role.

Dr. Dawn Porter shares over 15 years of expert and personal experience with blended families.

As a board certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist who has successfully navigated a blended family for over 15 years, Dr. Dawn Porter brings insight, compassion and understanding while addressing the demands unique to blended families. While sharing the deliberate choices made while dating to the implementation of specific strategies of inclusion during the wedding planning process throughout her marriage, she brings personal experiences of stagnation, growth, conflict and forgiveness to the sessions.

Using the The ABCs of Family Resiliency™ the workshops and retreats present an alternative strategy for addressing issues facing blended families and helps them to thrive in their new reality. Each workshop and retreat can be tailored to address specific participant needs upon request.